Are TP Link AV500 and AV600 compatible?

Are TP Link AV500 and AV600 compatible?

If you are wondering whether the TP Link AV500 and AV600 work well together, you are not alone. Through the use of advanced technology, they will both provide you with good rates of data transfer and stability, as long as the line is a minimum of 300 meters in length – such as the applications that need heavy bandwidth such as large file downloading, HD streaming, and gaming online. This eventually converts your home into a high-speed networking place.

Features of the AV500


The ultra-compact design of the AV500 means that they are smaller compared to the AV600. This does not affect their efficiency though; since they are 28.5mm in thickness, they blend nearly entirely in front of many power source in your home.

Pairing button

You will need as much security when it comes to networking in your home, which is why this pairing button is present, which is quite easy to use. In fact, you can even set up the network quickly in a few minutes, even coming in with 128-bit AES encryption system for data protection and network security.

Note that the adapters need to be under deployment in at least two sets, not less, for maximum efficiency. All you need to do is in a few steps:

  • Connect the adapter into the power source
  • Connect your device to the adapter through using the AV500 network cable
  • Press the button for pairing

The AV600 kit

If you are looking for a stylish, yet compact design in your gigabit network kit, the AV600 is the best choice to use in this case – even when you compare it to other Powerline kits in the market. It retains an angular design that is sloping, even if it still packs in three Ethernet ports (similar to the AV500).

In this kit, the two adapters have three ports, which allow you to bypass creating or having extra networks in the router if you happen to have numerous devices nearby – such as an Apple TV, game console and cable box. In addition, it also helps to save space elsewhere in your home.

However, there is one thing that it seems to lack compared to the AV500, which is the power pass-through. That will force you to get some spare wall plug sockets in order to use it to its maximum potential (avoid extension sockets with this one).

Some of its features include:

Allowing HD streaming

Thanks to its use of Home Plug technology, it will give you great data speeds that reach up to 600 Mbps on a cable length of 300 meters. The speeds will then allow you to do any applications that require heavy bandwidth use such as online gaming, streaming and downloading of files.


Like the AV500, this one also employs a stylish design that is also minimalistic, and it also happens to be smaller than the TP-Link mini 600 Mbps products. It also has a similar thickness to the AV500, as it is 28.5mm in thickness, allowing it to blend very easily to any power source.


The encryption in this device is what makes it quite easy to use with an AV500 device, as they both use 128-bit systems that are quite secure. You can also use the pairing button to connect it to a Powerline network within a few minutes, and boost your data encryption abilities.

It also uses the same procedure as the AV500, and you can connect extra devices such as your internet TV, laptop, and PC.


Are the AV500 and AV600 compatible?

Technically, they are, because they all use the HomePlug AV Standard – in addition to working well with the AV1000, AV2000 and the AV1200. The only thing you need to keep in mind here is that the powerline rate will tend to drop down to the lowest rates when you decide to use various AV adapters simultaneously together.

If you are using an adapter from a different brand, it will work well with both of these adapters as long as they follow the same standard. However, also remember that the products of various brands will have various methods that you use to pair them and configure their use, so it is much easier to stick with adapters originating from one brand.

Can you use several networks at the same time using the same power circuit?

The short answer is yes, because you can separate all of these through using different network names. You can achieve this through the pair button. One thing to keep in mind though is that the overall output will be shared across the many networks that are present, so it might lead to inefficiencies the more networks are present.


The use of the AV500 and AV600 is great as they are both compatible with each other – but do note that the network efficiency might be compromised in some cases.


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