The most recent harvest of wireless routers offers rapid information rates, various radio groups, and new tech advancements, for example, BEAMFORMING and Multi-User Multiple Input, Multiple Out (MU-MIMO) information spilling. Yet, not every person thinks about those innovations, so not every person will require the most recent model. Here we check out 2 TENDA devices.

Enter the TENDA F3 N300 Wireless Router. The F3 is a solitary band 802.11n switch that is anything but difficult to introduce and design, with three wired LAN ports and heaps of the settings. Its design barely promises to impress the customer, yet in the of people who wish to maintain basically a couple of customer Wi-Fi router system, and there is no inclination for you to stream a great deal of online recordings, play a ton of web based games, or move huge files of information between customers, the TENDA F3 N300 is an astonishing deal—but so is the TENDA N301. So, which one takes the day?


F3 is extraordinarily intended for your keen home systems administration life 300Mbps wireless router. Chip to switch what is heart to human. Its prevalent Advanced Chip guarantees steady and quick remote execution, making it perfect for spilling music, transferring photographs, video visiting, HD video gushing and other data transmission escalated undertakings. Its internet speed is able to reach 300ps which is perfect for spilling music, transferring photographs, video talking, HD video gushing and other data transmission escalated errands. Three outside receiving wires support Wi-Fi all through your home to appreciate extreme surfing fun. F3 encourages you keep cell phones, media players and PCs associated with Wi-Fi with a solid association and extended inclusion in each side of your home. Never again need to stress over the Wi-Fi dead zones.

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The TENDA F3 router comes with such things as a top of the line Broadcom chip for execution and unwavering quality, three high-increase omnidirectional reception apparatuses for Wi-Fi inclusion up to 200m2, IP-based transmission capacity prioritization and control, simple 30-second establishment, Extensive, High-gain Antennas. If you are tired of the no man’s lands with most generic Wi-Fi routers, the three outer high-increase omnidirectional reception apparatuses give the F3 organize inclusion up to 200 square meters, keeping the numerous cell phones, PCs, and home media players associated in each edge of the house. The TENDA arrangement conveys 300 Mbps capacities on the 2.4 GHz band together with 867 Mb/s, both of which are complimented by quadrupled Ethernet ports. The base of this stage is running off a Broadcom chipset which is very famous among section level arrangements. Notwithstanding, this switch is working at 900MHz with 128MB of DDR3. TENDA isn’t a commonly recognized name in the systems administration industry. All things considered, on the grounds that we haven’t knew about them, doesn’t mean they are nothing more than a bad memory. TENDA N301 is obvious in the way that modest switches can perform uncommonly well without bargain in their quality—but how does it compare to the F3 N300?

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When contrasted with the N301, the TENDA F3 N300 has essentially similar highlights for upgrading the remote execution and keeping up a steady system. There is the (presently) normal BEAMFORMING+ innovation, which has the job to distinguish all the associated customers and center the sign towards them (in this way extraordinarily improving the throughput), rather than spreading the sign all over the place. Additionally, the three double band radio wires should help with covering a bigger zone (in light of the fact that the receiving wires can’t be evacuated, you are left with the 3x3dbi arrangement). On the off chance that need more dominant switch than TENDA F3, at that point the response to this is TENDA F3 N300 Wi-Fi router. It is additionally a 300 Mbps remote switch yet it has four 5dBi reception apparatuses that covers a more extensive territory and it is said that sign from this switch are amazing to such an extent that they can enter dividers as well.


The TENDA F3 N300 utilizes a very good quality Broadcom systems administration chip for extraordinary, predictable systems administration execution. This propelled chip makes for a progressively solid association while spilling HD recordings, transferring enormous documents, video conferencing, or any of the heap high-transmission capacity requests on the present switches. The motherboard chip is to a router what heart to a human. The unrivaled advanced chip in the N301 also guarantees steady and quick remote execution, making it perfect for spilling music, transferring photographs, video visiting, HD video gushing and other data transmission serious assignments.


Simple arrangement interface causes you to can appreciate liquid Wi-Fi experience easily. Regardless of you are a well-informed fan or a first-time client, F3 is too simple and instinctive to arrangement without tedious activities. F3 causes you to appreciate a simple and freewheeling E-life. TENDA’s UI is spotless, negligible, and natural – well informed lovers and first-time switch clients indistinguishable will value the F3’s streamlined 30-second arrangement time. Once introduced, modifying settings in the control board is basic and clear.


The N301, Wireless N300 Easy Setup Router is extremely simple to arrangement intended for the home client. It consents to IEEE802.11n, conveys remote velocities of up to 300 Mbps, ideal for regular web exercises like messaging, web based chatting, internet gaming and the sky is the limit from there. The N301 can likewise fill in as a customer switch to associate ISP organize remotely or uplink AP to share the Internet to each corner eliminating the no man’s land.


TENDA isn’t the most outstanding brand in the USA, yet they find real success conveying routers that are more financially savvy. The TENDA F3 N300 is extremely the most reduced you would need to go when redesigning from an 802.11n arrangement. In the event that you are one of those individuals having littler lofts, this petite Wi-Fi switch will unquestionably go unnoticed from everybody’s eye—but the TENDA N301 also ups its connectivity’s specs, which is what gives it the edge.



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